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Curiosity. Passion. Resilience.

Atlantis Capital

About Us

Buildings from Below

Laying the Foundation for the Bold to Build Beyond

At Atlantis Capital, we are dedicated to fostering innovation and driving substantial positive impact through strategic investments in early-stage startups. We focus on companies at the pre-seed or seed stage that exhibit the potential to revolutionize industries ripe for transformation through disruptive technologies and sustainable solutions.

We not only provide capital but also strategic guidance, foundational support, and access to an extensive network of industry experts. We partner closely with our portfolio companies, supporting them in scaling their impact and achieving their dreams.

Our Portfolio

spikeview logo.png

spikeview is a privacy-first platform designed for young professionals, particularly students, to build a comprehensive e-portfolio. This 360-degree profile showcases a student's skills, experiences, and achievements, tailored to illustrate their unique interests and goals. Students maintain full control over their information and manage how they present themselves to different audiences. And as a student evolves, so does their spikeview profile, acting as an extension of themselves. This adaptability makes it a perfect tool for college applications, job searches, and building professional networks.

Ekkobar's goal is to develop AI technologies and applications to take advantage of the largest data set in the world - social media. Recognizing a gap in traditional social media analytics, which offer limited, mostly numerical statistics, Ekkobar harnesses AI to analyze social media data on a deeper level, delivering contextual understanding of conversations and actionable insights that unlock real answers to important questions in the right moment.

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