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Fueling the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Since 2021, we have been investing, partnering, and mentoring innovative startups. We are consistently on the lookout for passionate founders who are bringing disruptive technologies and business models into nascent industries. 

Atlantis Capital LLC | Startup Grind


When we decide to work with a new company, we go all in and become fully invested in all aspects of their business. We’re looking for innovation, hard work, and promise. Our team has a strict criteria for selecting our next partners which is why we only invest in a handful of companies a year. This means we can focus solely on the companies we believe really have the founders, team and drive to succeed in the long run. 

Bridging the Gap to Web3 

Briding the Gap to Web3 | The Evolution of Production

The Evolution of Production

Bridging the Gap to Web3 | Making Data Accessible

Making Data Accessible

Bridging the Gap to Web3 | Blockchain + Real Estate

Blockchain + Real Estate

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